Letter of the Management Board

There are eight years left for the world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we still have a long way to go. The widely different way in which countries have recovered from the pandemic has caused inequality to increase.

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External environment

The world around us is constantly changing and is becoming increasingly complex. In 2021, FMO continued to adapt to the realities of a global pandemic and the uncertainties that came with it.

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Our value creation model

Our value creation model is based on the International Integrated Reporting Council's reporting framework.

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Operating context

Since 1970, FMO has made a positive difference in developing countries by empowering entrepreneurs to build a better world.

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Our business model

Our value creation starts with human, intellectual, financial, social and relationship capital, known as ‘inputs’:

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Potential risks and opportunities

Considering current internal and external developments, we present an overview of several strategic challenges and the risks and opportunities these present to FMO's ability to create value in the short to medium term.

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Our investment process

Before and during the investment period, we research the financing opportunity and assess its impact on the environment, employees and workers, communities and other stakeholders.

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Know Your Customer

FMO runs the risk of becoming involved in money laundering or financing terrorism. FMO is also at risk of financing sanctioned entities or customers with a bad reputation in general.

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Impact of COVID-19 on our investment process

FMO has increased its financial and non-financial support to existing customers to help them cope with the pandemic. At the same time, travel restrictions have reduced our ability to onboard new customers and execute on-site due diligence (DD).

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Environmental, social and governance standards

Environmental, social, human rights and governance (ESG) standards are an integral part of FMO’s investment process and serve several goals.

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