External assurance

We have engaged Ernst & Young Accountants LLP to audit the annual accounts, to perform a review of the sustainability information in specific chapters in scope and an audit of selected elements of this report. The following elements were subject to an audit: the materiality assessment as presented in the chapter 'Stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment', the indicator Green-labelled new investment volume as disclosed - among others - in the chapter 'At a glance', and the diversity KPIs as disclosed in the chapter 'Performance against our strategy' (Deeper relationships). The scope of the review on this report is limited to the chapters 'About this report', 'At a glance', 'External environment' (excl. EU taxonomy), 'Our strategy', 'Our value creation model', 'Our investment process', 'Performance against our strategy', 'Stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment' and 'How we report'. The review has been conducted in accordance with Dutch Standard 3810N.