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Environmental, social and governance standards

Environmental, social (including human rights), and governance (ESG) standards are an integral part of our investment process and serve several goals.

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How we apply our investment process 

Our investment process consists of the following stages. Through case studies we illustrate how ESG is an integral part of this process.

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Lessons learned

FMO conducts evaluations, reviews and other activities to learn from past investments, help us achieve our impact goals with our customers and ensure accountability to our stakeholders.

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Our strategy

In the past few years, global developments and changing stakeholder expectations and regulations have affected FMO’s impact agenda such that we felt the need to review our ambitions and strategic priorities towards 2030. Our Strategy towards 2030: Pioneer - Develop - Scale, derives its name from our progression model. It shows our long-term commitment to companies, supporting them from an initial high-risk phase to the point where commercial investors can (partially) take over from FMO.

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Performance against our strategy

In September 2022, FMO launched its updated 2030 strategy. We monitor our results through a set of performance metrics, which allow us to define, steer and track success toward our strategic objectives.

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